1. 282577
  2. So far today wasn’t worth getting out of bed for.

  3. My works the shit when your hungry.

    Well almost, meat free is hard. But still, there’s always food somewhere. Sometimes you have to be in with the right people to get it but whatever. So tonight late night munch is rice and curry sauce and 2 luxury chocolates. Yum yum yum. And my cabin has a tv! Bonusssssss.

  4. I think I’m gonna play it safe and take travel sick tablets for work today… No point risking it, god knows what the boats like out there. Also I’m not on it on Tuesday because the forecast is now up to 70mph winds and fuck that for a carry on lol.

  5. I think I’m the most emotionally confused person in the world just now. And I’m just gonna have to deal with that. I honestly have no idea how I feel about anyone.

  6. You know what, sometimes you love something so much you don’t want it to end. But in the case of Harry potter ( and labyrinth as expressed earlier on in the week) I love it so damn much I want it to be stopped. The books were my childhood, I grew up with them. The movies I actually treat separately from the books and I enjoy them in a completely different way. But it needs to stop now. I do not want Harry potter to be endlessly spun into a money maker. Please make it stop so it can live on as awesome and not endless :(
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