1. These independence results are unreal.

    I’ve actually got sweaty palms, it’s so fucking intense and close. It’s all between a few hundred votes.

  2. willsicott:



    What do you call the security guards outside Samsung shops?


    Guardians of the Galaxy

    (via cactus-soup)

  3. And to finish off my morning blogging, I much prefer nightshift to day shift.

    Less staff less people, happy Lawrie. It also means I can wear my headphones all night. Not like my truckers give a shit.

  4. Also it’s voting day for independence tommorow.

    I’m voting no but I just realised, it could actually be yes and it could actually happen. I suppose that fact has never hit me before. It’s just struck me how real all this is. And everybody needs to vote. You need a whack with a haggis if you don’t vote basically.

  5. I get off the boat today after a week.

    And I thought in would be buzzing to get off. I’m not. It’s literally became my life, you work, chat with people for an hour then go to bed. I’m so used to my night shift crew now, laughing and joking and I’m just going to go home alone and probably go to the pub. So yeah, I’ve always joked the boat is my second home but it is tbh. Ah well I only have 2 days off anyway. And it’s odd how normal a 13 hour shift feels now. 8 hour shifts would be a dream!!

  6. So this is the first time I’ve sorta stayed up after finishing work..

    And the day light is actually so odd. It’s so nice to have it so bright naturally and not with artificial light. And I can see where we are by looking outside! Ah well only 2 more night shifts to go.

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