1. Very tired tonight. Didn’t not sleep well at all yesterday :( I just wanna chill and watch tv but literally all time on boat is spent either asleep or working. Never mind only one more night shift till I get one wee day off :)

  2. I forgot to mention I don’t like stena plus. Fancy waitressing ain’t my strong point. But I did cook a man a mean omelette earlier.

  3. Stena plus is really hard work but they say I’m really good and want me on it again haha. I’m pretty much on weeks now so don’t have to be home a lot. Both stena plus and roro want me for nights! =\ holidays soon!! Looking forward to time away :) but I really do love my job.

  4. Meant to be on the boat but got made to get off to do a fag run

    But I get to go out on the lifeboat now as I can’t rejoin till half 10 tonight…then do a nightshift with less than 3 hours sleep… Ach all fun. There’s always a silver lining to the shit things :)

  5. Christ it’s been ages since I’ve had rumours about me.

    Very untimely time for it but never mind. Would still rather be at work than at home….

  6. Also just had a proper pamper sesh.

    Gotta look good to feel good! :)

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