1. And you treat mental illness like its pathetic. You find it funny to see how far you can push the anxiety untill I have been physically sick. Because you think it doesn’t exist, it’s just something I can get over in an instant. It’s just the sign of how ignorant some people can be. Anxiety ruins everything. It almost ruined my camping trip because I got so worked up about being in the middle of nowhere, every possibility of what could of happened, went through my head.. God I’m gonna just break I know it..

  2. I kinda wish I had a relationship where my other half actually got excited about seeing me. But whatever. Just have to live with being the arm candy, the girl that is just there for when wanted.

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  4. 215
  5. Oh thank god. I asked my dad and e just shrugged and said go for the raving looney party…
  6. I got a voting card In the post today

    I didn’t even know their was an election. I’m not good at this adult thing :(

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